With growing digital innovations, we are changing our habits in choosing gifts too. People who used to love books can now get e-books, why buy an ordinary watch when you can get an iWatch! If you are willing to spend the $$$, there are many such exciting experiences and products out there for your friends (or yourself) that are sure to blow their (and your) mind! What, you say?

1. AeroDream One

Price: $ 560,000

A huge dock-station AeroDreamOne (with high - 3.3 m and height - 400 kg) that connects to any IPod, IPhone or IPad. This is the most expensive dock-station developed by Jean Michele Jarre , a once famous musician and composer.

Any party with the AeroDreamOne is sure to be a hit. If your party guests are not impressed by its sound and style, the price tag will surely leave them in awe of you!

A huge dock-station

2. Virgin Galactic Space Trip

Price: $200, 000

Human kind has always been fascinated with space. Chances are, almost every single person would have dreamt of going into space when they were kids. What was once a dream can now become your reality, thanks to Virgin Galactic. Take your loved one into the stars (literally!) with an incredible voyage to space for a mere $200,000 in a special space flight introduced by Virgin.  This would be the most unique gift you can ever give. It will also take a load off your purse;). Want to know more? Check this out!

3. Oculus

Price: $1499

A fan of the virtual reality? Well, you will be now! After years of research and development of the virtual reality ‘Oculus’, Palmer Luckey and his partners finally announced that 2016 is the year for this invention to be released! So, you can order it today and be a happy traveler in virtual reality!  

Want know its characteristics? Check this out here!

As we are surrounded by digital technology it will be very interesting to see how our society copes with all these digital innovations. Hopefully, we can save some time for reality too! Like a few hours to talk to mom…. Or, maybe, it will soon be possible to travel into our past through virtual reality. I guess that will be a different story altogether…

Palmer Luckey, an engineer in a military research laboratory ICT MxR, was designing virtual reality glasses for the US Army. However, Palmer was not interested in just the military application of these technologies, he collected various ideas of virtual reality because he was the moderator on the forums MTBS (the most famous forum dedicated to virtual reality).


It was on the forum MTBS that Palmer described his own idea of creating virtual reality glasses with a large viewing angle and high speed response to movement of the head, while being affordable. As fate would have it, John Carmack was also present on the forum. He contacted Palmer and tried one of the early prototypes Oculus Rift. After seeing the development and the huge potential of this early prototype, he began to fully support the development. Here’s some more fascinating information about Oculus creation that you can find on Smithsonian.com.


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