Luxury lifestyle is held together by a consistent pursuit of elegance, passion, and exclusivity. True luxury is celebrating success and innovating greater norms for yourself and others.

Digital Sekta highlights the excellence of the luxury world by curating a digital experience that maps hand-picked places in London, including restaurants, bars, galleries, hotels, and other exclusive events.


In 2017, Digital Sekta officially launched its revolutionary site to make the luxury lifestyle feasible to readers. Olesia Chi, the founder and CEO of Digital Sekta, began with the idea of creating a digital map of luxury events and places to make it easily accessible for its high profile readers. This meant collaborating with the highest tier of people, restaurants, hotels, galleries and much more.

Before creating her business, Olesia was the best person to ask for advice when it comes to the best restaurants, parties, and events in London. People trusted her quality taste and superior standards for luxury, which lead her to develop a platform that expands on what comes naturally to her. Her desire to create a digital space, where people could develop a deeper connection to the world around them, was a great solution for those who want to save time looking for the perfect spot in London.

Digital Sekta is now the leading platform, which provides a map of the most unique and bespoke places around London as well as exclusive interviews with VIP’s.

The beauty of the digital era is the freedom that brings like-minded people together. Digital Sekta stands by principles of inspiring those who pursue the luxury lifestyle innovating providing them the most unique and exclusive solutions.