We have an extensive experience in analytics, creating digital marketing campaigns, building websites, optimising SEO and PPC as well as social media skills. Having worked with various companies from different industries, we became experts in the sphere of Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Our team works 24/7 to deliver excellent and innovative solutions for every challenge your business is facing. Every report and strategy we offer differs with its uniqueness, efficiency and creativeness.


Whether you need a small website or stylish and complex one for your business we are here to help you. We will build your website from scratch providing necessary hosting, beautiful design, data protection, backups and certificates.


We will help you to analyze your company and offer a customized Digital Marketing strategy plan. Our experts will focus on problematic areas providing efficient and innovative solutions and make sure all your goals are met within given budget.


With social media, our main goal is to drive traffic to your website and ensure that potential customers will buy your products/services. Our consultants will set up and manage social media accounts attracting the right target audience.


Now you can learn about digital marketing and analytics without leaving your house. We host our webinars covering the hottest topics about Social Media Management, Digital Marketing and Analytics providing detailed explanation.





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Regent's University London

Our problem was based around the assessment of our social media presence, digital usage of our service by our clients and our current communication methods. The consultants were asked to utilise this information to present a digital marketing and social media strategy for the Careers department at the university.

Results exceeded all of our expectations, providing an outstanding report with clear strategic direction. Their report has formed the cornerstone of the department’s social media strategy and plan, which has now been in implementation for almost a year. In that time, we have seen consistent, tangible improvements in the quality of our social media presence, with an astounding improvement to our post reach and engagement on Facebook.

I unreservedly recommend their services, they are professional, impressive and they get results.

Alister Simpson, CBR Operations Manager, RUL

Gaitsgory Design

I have just launched my design interior company in Moscow. I needed a new website as well as social media pages to make it visible online. I was surprised by the speed of the consultants on creating a website just like I wanted it. They could understand all my preferences and catch every small detail of design I wanted to see in my website.

Also, consultants created Facebook and Instagram pages for my company attracting the right target and organic growth. I would recommend this company to everyone, who is looking for professional, quality and quick services for the good price.

 The ability to adjust and customise their services to each client makes them unique and different. 

Evgenia Gaitsgory, Founder of Gaitsgory Design

Booroom Gallery

Like many other small businesses, we were facing the problem of low engagement online and low level of brand awareness.

Digital Sekta analysed our company as well as website and social media platforms to come up with the detailed digital marketing strategy. I have to say a big thanks to the consultants as their professionalism and efficiency brought us results immediately. This strategy report, which was completed in 10 days only, required so much knowledge, proficiency and analysis. Now, it is my table book that me and my team refers to everyday.

It is impressive how responsive and effective their consultants are; being always online and happy to make changes at anytime.

Irina Budtseva-Vinitskaya, Founder of Booroom Gallery