Booroom Gallery


Booroom Gallery – a platform combining original collectible design objects, author’s sculpture, painting and works of decorative art.

Digital Sekta worked closely with the brand to develop digital marketing strategy in order to rase brand awareness and sales. Booroom Gallery suffered from several shortcomings such a problematic usage of online social media platforms as well as an important lack of follower acquisition toward their services due to lack of awareness, positioning and content creation. A new approach and tactics were proposed for Instagram and Facebook platforms, which were based on analysis of qualitative and quantitative data collection. Also we developed Instagram content strategy with  a new feed transformation.




Booroom Gallery  @booroomgallery


“Like many other small businesses, we were facing the problem of low engagement online and low level of brand awareness. Digital Sekta analysed our company data on website and social media platforms to come up with the detailed digital marketing strategy. I have to say a big thanks to the consultants as their professionalism and efficiency brought us results immediately. This strategy report, which was completed in 10 days only, required so much knowledge, proficiency and analysis. Now, it is my table book that me and my team refers to everyday. It is impressive how responsive and effective their consultants are; being always online and happy to make changes at anytime.”

Irina Budtseva-Vinitskaya, Founder of Booroom Gallery