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Eleanor Cardozo is one of the most exciting and intriguing sculptors currently on the scene. Over the last 20 years, her work has been exhibited across the globe, each time her inimitable style enthralling audiences. Digital Sekta partner with Eleanor Cardozo and developed responsive and minimalistic website.


2017  September


Eleanor Cardozo | Web Development

Olesia Klevnaia and Digital Sekta team have been providing us with services of an outstanding quality for almost a 3 years by now. From my experience with her, I can say that she is a worthy supplier and a person to work with. Olesia has proven herself a diligent executive and a decent person, she has the ability to build a creative atmosphere around her and to motivate people who are working with her.

One of the brightest examples of Olesia’s work is our website, which has been built by Digital Sekta from the scratch – all the web development, SEO and content optimisation was done by them and they have managed to do it in an extremely limited amount of time. Olesia has literally saved us at that time – we could not have done it without her.

Olesia has organised a series of photography sessions for us and helped with organisation of major events which have increased our total revenue. She was communicating with our partners and clients and has never left us hanging out to dry – I was always sure that the job will be done even if I am not checking at her at this particular moment.

She has filmed a couple of videos which was published on our website and now have many views and attract customers to our products and events.

I would highly recommend Olesia Klevnaia and Digital Sekta to anyone interested in hiring her or doing business with her. It is a real pleasure to work with this talented mademoiselle and I would love to meet her again at my career path.

Eleanor Cardozo