Novikov Restaurant & Bar


Novikov Restaurant & Bar combines cool and contemporary interiors with a superlative culinary offering. Located in the heart of Mayfair, Novikov Restaurant & Bar has 2 distinct restaurants and one stylish Lounge Bar. Digital Sekta partner with Novikov Restaurant & Bar in order to deliver SMM mentoring as well as photo and video production.


2016 – Present


We worked  with Digital Sekta for 3 years and their team working with us developing our social media marketing strategy, and then implementing it, as well as organizing and managing some photo & video production for the restaurant. I recommend Digital Sekta and find their team to be very professional. Olesia, the CEO of the company, has proven herself a capable manager with a large number of digital marketing skills and ideas which she applied when working with us. She is a skilled team leader and she is good at motivating our team for producing the best results.

Suppliers she worked with were always diligent and performed their contractual obligations at a good level. We are still working with her as she proved that her choice and decisions are professional and trustworthy. Working with Olesia or under her supervision is a pleasure. I highly recommend her to any business which is interested in increasing its revenue through digital marketing.

Grant Lee

Operations Manager
Novikov Restaurant & Bar


Novikov Restaurant & Bar| SMM Mentoring, Photo & Video Production