Sumosan Twiga


Sumosan Twiga, launched in November 2016 in West London’s smart Knightsbridge neighbourhood, is an exciting expansion of  Sumosan brand in partnership with Flavio Briatore. Set across three floors, the venue offers a contemporary restaurant, a large mixology focused bar and a separate late night lounge.

Digital Sekta Team was working on a creative marketing campaign for the multi-award-winning restaurant, and the main objective was to increase brand awareness, sales from Instagram and


2018 April


Sumosan Twiga | Marketing Campaign

Olesia Klevnaia, the CEO of Digital Sekta says “Bold. Brash. At the same time Classy and very Inspiring. Today is very difficult to marvel customers, especially in hospitality world. Mostly, Instagram accounts of restaurants, bars, and hotels are full of typical pictures of food, interior & people. Lack of creative campaigns, lack of storytelling & native advertising with Wow-effect.

So this is why we came up with this incredibly provocative idea and achieved Sumosan Twiga KPI’s.”For me, food is a piece of art. Absolutely”, – says Olesia, “I see a huge demand in this industry, especially if we work very closely with hospitality. Behind all restaurants, there is a story. The story about a brand, about food, about culture, country and many many more. Well, and we are ready to tell this story about Your brand. To create contemporary art & introduce cuisine from a different side that no one did before.

The most important detail, that today the content is not only about photography. People tired. Tired to read tonnes of (sometimes) irrelevant texts. Customers would love to understand what are you selling in 30sec. Yes, 30 sec. 30 seconds of viral content. A creative video, which will describe atmosphere through emotions and experience”.