Digital Sekta introduces OPPENAPP

London, UK - Tuesday, September 1, 2020 – Digital Sekta, a new age high-end SMM agency, is launching a brand-new app to help SMEs revolutionize their marketing efforts on Instagram. The OPPENAPP, a must have for all influencers and SMEs, allows users to create a feed that truly represents them and tells the unique story of their business.

OPPENAPP offers 15+ uniquely themed editable templates of 12 posts, designed especially for the Instagram feed. Unlike any other app, OPPENAPP templates allow 12 Instagram posts to be created, designed and customized together for a bespoke layout.

OPPENAPP is the first ever app that has made personalising the presentation and layout of Instagram feeds a possibility. It can help Instagrammers to professionally design a unique feed layout to standout to potential followers and clients. The templates available on OPPENAPP are industry specific, allowing users to choose the templates that best suit their business. Colour schemes, textures, text, images can all be personalised for each template of 12 posts. This app is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for Instagrammers looking to optimise their SMM strategy.

OPPENAPP features:

✶ over 15+ industry specific themes to choose from

✶ customisable background colours and textures for each template

✶ over 100 colour pallets and bespoke textures such as paper, marble, terrazzo, leather, stone

✶ customisable text feature

✶ 12 perfect posts that can be created at the same time with one template

✶ allows saving to camera roll on individual mobile devices for future use

With OPPENAPP, Instagram feeds are guaranteed to look like the work of a professional, high-end marketing agency but at a minor fraction of the cost! No more spending hours to create a single perfect post and no more spending thousands on a professional to create a perfect looking Instagram account.