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Fascinating Talk About Sustainable Luxury Branding With CEO of JST.B – JooEun Yoo

What do you do? What are your business services? 

I am the CEO & founder of JST.B. JST.B focuses on strategic luxury branding with sustainable solutions, from consulting to design, we do it all in a way that allow businesses to think outside the box. JST.B stands on the premise that businesses exists beyond just asset building. Just like any person, there is a personality and a story in every brand. That person is consistently in search of a purpose and is looking for ways to impact the world to be remembered by those around them. Similarly, we believe that businesses exist to build up and progress servicing the world around them.

Our services is formalized around the idea that strategy is aimless without design, design is aimless without strategy, strategy and design is aimless without purpose. That is why we strategize bespoke plans for each of our clients that match their standards and values to ultimately make a positive impact for their brand, as well as society as a whole.

How did you get started?

Personally, I have worked in the charity sector for many years and I found that people are all driven by purpose. I have been going to Cambodia for years and on the side supported causes in sex-trafficking, urban development, homeless restoration, educational projects, mental health awareness, cultural diversity, and youth empowerment. That is why I wanted to use my company to bridge the best of both worlds and create conscience work that doesn't compromise on quality, service, creativity, and innovation.


What does it mean for brands to JUST BE?

‘Just Be’ means to exist, exist in a way that is noble and honest. We believe that brands must act consciously and sustainably to make a positive impact wherever they are, what ever their services. At JST.B, we help brands to work conscientiously while upholding their quality and brand DNA. We want people to be proud of what they do as they make a positive impact into society.

How can brands partner with JST.B?

You can see our services and contact us through our website ( We have a five step process of integrate, innovate, plan, inspire, and evaluate that we follow. In the beginning stages, we conduct a full analysis of the brand to gain insight for the the strategies ahead. During that process we figure out what is needed for your company to become more sustainable and consciously driven. After that, we create a bespoke plan that brings it all together into a timeline. After the implementation stage, we evaluate the process and create a contingency plan for the years to come. We work closely with top management so the process is smoother and well established.

How do you see the luxury industry changing?

As the concept of social responsibility continues to evolve and take center stage, luxury brands are looking for innovative ways to be leaders in this area. However, the dimensions of luxury and the concept of social responsibility couldn't be any more opposing. Luxury is known for evoking emotions while CSR evokes rationality, luxury reasons with excess while CSR promotes frugality, luxury justifies social distinction while CSR promotes equality, luxury moderates self enhancement while CSR emphasizes on self transcendence, luxury is all about creating a dream while CSR brings you back to reality. This high discord makes it difficult for luxury brands to see the value in responsible actions that are authentic and impactful. The problem lies in the fact that many luxury brands want to participate in some sort of CSR, but do not know how to without potentially losing its brand equity. That’s where JST.B comes in and create strategies that are directly related to its brand DNA.

ooEun Yoo  Founder, CEO of JST.B

JooEun Yoo - Founder and CEO of JST.B

What are some hobbies that you enjoy on the side?

 I enjoy painting and playing the violin. Music is very dear to me because I grew up in a very musical family. I started playing the violin when I was 4 years old so it has been an on going relationship. I also just love relaxing with friends and family while also traveling to new areas.

Where are you favorite places in London?

I enjoy small boutique style stores on streets such as Chiltren Street, Mount Street, and Elizabeth Street. But for drinks, I love meeting at the Ned or Edition as well as Chiltern Firehouse. I also find myself getting inspired by museums from the V&A as well as the Wallace Collection. On the weekends, I enjoy a stroll at Regent’s Park especially this time of year!