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If There Is A Heaven, We Hope It’s Run By Four Seasons

Extremely influential speech by Mr. Sharp - founder and chairman of @fourseasons at @fstentrinity - a new London private club Trinity at Four Seasons.

Four Seasons was among the first hotel companies to introduce complimentary shampoo, 24-hour room service, and same-day clothes cleaning and pressing. "From day one until today, it was about being innovative," says Mr Sharp.

"I’ve identified the four key strategic decisions that formed the rock-solid foundation of Four Seasons. These are now known as the four pillars of our business model. They are quality, service, culture, and brand", pointed out Issador Sharp. 

Issador Sharp The Founder Of Four Seasons

The Four Seasons brings this culture to life by hiring the best people, orienting them carefully, instilling in them a sense of pride, and motivating them by recognizing and rewarding outstanding service deeds. It all starts with hiring the right people - those who fit the Four Seasons culture.

We look for emloyees who share that Golden Rule - people who, by nature, believe in threating others as they would have them treat us,- says Mr Sharp

Thanks @fstentrinity for this great opportunity to meet with an incredibly kind man, a man for all seasons! Moreover, from now Londoners and guests will be definitely amazed by new member club as Four Seasons doing always the best projects.


Ten Trinity Square Private Club At Four Seasons