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How To Slay Everyday With Zoe Adams (Colour Director @Taylor Taylor London)

Zoe started her career in award winning salons Marc Antoni where she quickly progressed as a creative stylist and technician. This earnt her a place as the youngest ever stylist to be picked for the Sebastian cult team. She is a regular on the fashion week circuit working for designers such as Matthew Williamson, Henry Holland, David Koma , Hazian Wang and Kurru Kurru. 

Zoe is an incredibly talented hairdresser with a high level of technical expertise and an incredible ability to create stunning hair-ups and total transformations. A bit of a style chameleon herself and with a thirst to develop her own signature she has recently developed her "colour melt" technique which works to enhance and blend with your natural colour and lift it to a glossy and very sophisticated finish. 

Zoe, what are the trendiest styles in London today?

Well, in terms of cuts or colours? Cuts at the moment, probably more like mid length bobs, whereas before few years ago it was very straight and very sharp, I think become softer, lot more undone hair styles. In terms of colours, it is still balayage, ombre and again colours that look warning, colours that don’t look like you’ve been to a salon, they look like you’ve been to a beach for a week..

From your perspective, name few must-have products for hair 

Davines All In One Milk is amazing coz it has everything in it, it’s got heat defence, roucou oil which is for moisture and it has an excellent detangling power and it is easy to use, you just spray in before you blow dry.

OLAPLEX - even the home press is very good, and if you over bleached or over coloured your hair and even if you had too much sun, Olaplax is a bond multiplier, it makes your hair stronger, thicker and generally reinforces it. That’s one of the best and, I probably just say buy a prof shampoo, good shampoo, please just stop using the stuff from the supermarket, go invest in something that makes huge difference.

Zoe, what do you love most about being a stylist?

Well, I’m actually self-employed so I quite like the freedom of it, been able to work wherever you want like going to the different countries, being able just pick your kit up and just go really, get bored at one place. 

Could you tell us about a memorable/funniest moment you had while doing hair?

Memorable was probably when I entered an art team when I just qualified and just started working on the floor, working with clients and have to go London to do an audition. And in that art audition you get to do London fashion week, shoots and they taught you about industries and other aspects of it and not just going into a salon, actually getting to do more fashion work.

When I walked to the door and I fell over and swore in front all of them, and luckily for some reason they thought I was really good and I got into the team choose 6 people from Scotland and Ireland.

What is the toughest part of your job?

The hours. Very long hours, I’m tall, so if you’re a hairdresser you’ll experience back pain if you have a bad day. I can’t come to the work and shine I’m quite positive person, so I don’t really have bad memories.

What’s the one hair care tool you simply can’t live without?

My hair dryer. (laughing) I’d say really good hair dryer that something must and for styling I can say get yourself pair ghd's as l use them and do waves and curls so I would say that it is my best thing.

Do you believe in DIY recipes? (if yes, which one)

I do, actually. Before my hair was really dry I used eggs and avocado. It is really good for the hair. Any sort of oil it’s going to be great for the hair. You can definitely make stuff at home!

What is your number one beauty and hair tip?

Well, I have acne, I tried so many expensive products for face and someone told me to put Sudocrem over when you have really bad spots and it was really amazing. It is dry’s them all out and it has antiseptic and antibacterial. I’ve got Kiehl's moisturizer and that is obviously the more expensive one. I love Kiehl's as I have quite sensitive skin.

Hair Tip. It is really hard to describe.. if you pop your hair in a pattern, start from the top of your forehead and twist your hair as you going down, twist all the way to the back of the neck keep twisting and after put it like a little bun. Repeat the same with the other side. If you sleep in that and then let it go you get really nice beach waves. This is part of cool tip.

What you don’t like in people in general?

Well it is quite hard one. I don’t like... I don’t know, it is really hard(!) I love in people when they make me laugh. Funny people. Funny stories.

Zoe, my dear, what would you like to wish yourself in the future?

Money. (laughing) One day I'd want a studio. Children, definitely. And nice villa somewhere .


In Zoe’s own words "Your hair is a way of saying who you are without having to speak " and if you want to change yourself, Zoe Adams will be the right person to do so. Also you can see her Instagram page with all hair works: @zoeadamshair  and if you really feel that she is your type of person → Book an appointment here: Taylor Taylor London