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An Insight Into The Creators Of The Ultimate Luxury Phones – Julian Monroe London


We at Julian Monroe create a range of the world’s most opulent bespoke luxury gadgets by adorning the latest technology with our own artisanal flair. We customise the highest specification devices (such as iPhones and iPads) with a variety of precious metals and rare gems from around the planet. We aim to bring the class and heritage that London is known for back to the forefront of luxury.

Daniel, tell us a little about your career and how you ended up where you are today?

Due to my OCD I have a need for everything to be perfect. I thought to myself, if that’s the case, I may as well monetize my OCD and thus Julian Monroe was the perfect opportunity to do so. I joke of course.

In all seriousness I’ve always had two main passions, luxury and technology. As with anything in life you have to do what you’re passionate about. Julian Monroe combines two of my biggest passions in a very interesting way, by giving a select group of people the ability to express their individuality though our products, which take gadgets to new heights of beauty and opulence that’s never been seen before.

If I simply ask you why do I need a gold/platinum iPhone, what would you say? What is philosophy behind JML?

If offered the chance to own one of the world’s finest pieces of jewellery or art, hand crafted by a team of cherry picked artisans, with a combined 100 years of experience I’m sure you’d jump at the chance! Well I’ve just described Julian Monroe.

We’ve spent two years designing and refining our process and products, in a quest to deliver the highest calibre of quality attainable to our clients, in an incredibly exclusive and personal fashion. Steve Wynn once said ‘There are all kinds of indulgences that people have. People spend money on wine. People spend money on cars that are extravagant. Who is to define the necessities of life’.

Who is your target audience? Do you have a   notable clientele as a result?

We have a broad range of some of the most discerning affluent clients from all around the globe. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge information regarding individual client’s names however, we’ve had many notable clients from high profile businessmen to athletes and even beyond that, clients that I am unable to talk to you about for security reasons.



What does the future hold for JML?

We are always looking for ways to innovate and create new products/experiences for our clients. Without giving too much away, we’ll be adding a variety of products to our current iPhone and iPad collections which will include hand-set diamonds! (Previously only available through our commissions program). We will also be giving the Julian Monroe treatment to a variety of the world’s best: Games consoles, earphones, headphones and other items, as well as releasing new original products.

The Julian Monroe philosophy of superior workmanship, craft, design and use of the best quality materials available, is one that is universally applicable to any facet of luxury. As a result we will explore moving into other areas of the luxury industry.



From your perspective, what is the most innovative product in digital world today?

Without a doubt I believe it’s Virtual Reality. VR is the first time we’ve had a new medium for viewing content since the TV. I’m eager to see how the tech is utilized, the applications are almost endless. I can imagine in future being able to walk through Coachella festival from my home in VR within a 360-degree immersive experience. I can also see companies utilizing the tech as an immersive advertising tool, for example I could walk through the halls and my chosen suit of the Wynn Hotel in VR prior to booking. With the constant progress in technology VR in my opinion is the most innovative and exciting. You may even see a few VR headsets receiving the Julian Monroe treatment very soon!

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