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Digital Sekta had a great chance to interview Hanan Mazouzi, founder of Arabian Gazelles, the first female-only supercar club in UAE.

Hanan, please tell us more about ArabianGazelles

I realized that our region needed more women representation in this male dominated industry which everyone just seems to accept and no one does anything about...

In this spirit, I created Arabian Gazelles, the first and only supercar club for women in our region, it serves as a catalyst for the passion of driving among women, it's a platform for like minded women to live their passion, experience and share the thrills of driving these marvels in a safe environment.


What hurdles were faced when founding a female member only driving club in the UAE?

Driving high-powered supercars has largely remained a rather male-­dominated pursuit, car manufacturers, dealers, distributeurs and car clubs don't know how to address us and cater for our adrenaline needs but they are now taking notice, and interest in taping into this niche market, car dealerships don’t do enough communicating with women segment.. They’re only doing lip service to women in terms of marketing and selling, what they need to do is change, and create an environment where women are welcomed and their input is valued.


What's the next goal for the club?

We plan to inspire more women to pursue & live their passion and empower them through Arabian Gazelles.Screen-Shot-2017-10-08-at-18.39.44Screen-Shot-2017-10-08-at-18.32.13


What does the future hold?

..a strong female car culture in the region and  a global community of women supercars lovers & enthousiastes in the world all connected by the same passion.Screen-Shot-2017-10-08-at-18.33.23

What events are you currently doing, and what are the upcoming events?

We are working to bring in exclusive high octane and luxury lifestyle events. Also working on a series of short high octane videos which will be announced in the near future.

Hanan, what inspired the name?

... The Arabian Gazelles are a species of gazelle known from the Arabian Peninsula. They are swift and gracious.. enough to inspire the name 🙂


What are the requirements to become a member and do you have club rules?

  • To join the club, first and foremost, one has to be a Woman! (as we are receiving a lot of requests from men).
  • She loves being behind the wheel, owns or drives any of the well-known supercar and luxury car brands.
  • Membership fee will be introduced later this year to keep offering exclusive experiences.

Do all your members live in Dubai?

Most of them do, but now as the club is growing we are receiving requests from the capital Abu Dhabi, Oman and Bahrain and women fan base in Saudi.

What vehicles are currently on the fleet and what's joining?

Different sports cars  models under these brands:

Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Maserati, Rolls RoyceBentley SLC | SL, Mercedes-AMG, McLaren, Aston Martin, Bugatti and 4x4 vehicles like the Bentayga and the G-Wagon.

Now you have the 4x4's, does this mean you do off roaring events also? And how capable do you find these luxury SUV's?

These vehicles offer high levels of refined luxury and comfort over all-out off-road capability, in my opinion. We enjoyed them more on the road.

What are your other interests?

Rallying and Kickboxing.

What is it about London that encourages you to spend time here?

There are a million and one reasons to jump on the next flight to this cooler-than-cool city, Its energetic approach to life and quirky charm, its diversity has seen London become a place of endless possibilities, making the capital an international leader in a variety of fields.Screen-Shot-2017-10-08-at-18.33.39

Where do you spend your time while you're here and do you have any recommendations?

Most gazelles have secondary residences in London, which i shamelessly love crashing at when am in London 🙂 I usually  leave it to them to surprise me whenever am in town, London never fails to deliver and impress!

Can we look forward to seeing a London based club anytime soon?

Maybe not a club yet, but certainly a drive through the British countryside, some of the world’s most beautiful scenery can be seen from dramatic landscapes, scenic mountains, captivating coastlines or lush green valleys, the UK has it all.Screen-Shot-2017-10-08-at-18.39.25Screen-Shot-2017-10-08-at-18.36.00