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Nimb: A Smart Ring that Keeps You Safe And Sound

This story I've read yesterday and was absolutely flabbergasted by this brave and amazing lady, who suffered from a horrible attack from a stranger but she didn't give up; moreover, with a great team she created an innovative ring Nimb, that helps to save lives:

"My name is Katya, I'm 41 and i am a crime survivor.

Sixteen years ago, in broad daylight on a busy street, an inconspicuous young man tried to strike up a conversation with me. I was proud and in a hurry, so the conversation didn't work out so well for him. He turned out to be quite resourceful, so the second time around he didn’t waste any time on questions and pulled out a knife. He slit my throat, cut open my stomach, and wanted to conclude this process of getting to know me by putting the blade through my heart. But each time he tried, my ribs and other bones got in the way.

The likelihood of me surviving to ever see the light of day again was pretty low, mostly because I didn't have enough hands. I was using one to stop the fountain of blood spurting out my neck, and grabbing at the knife with the other. I also had to make sure my insides weren’t spilling out of the gaping wound on my abdomen, but luckily my tight pants did the trick.

I wouldn’t be writing this today if the neighbour hadn’t answered my cries for help. Long story short, 40 minutes later I was at the hospital in a state of hemorrhagic shock with nine knife wounds on my body. I was welcomed warmly by the same surgeon who, just four months before, had listened to me complain about the long scar he left after taking out my appendix. I had been conscious throughout the ordeal, but as soon as they started cutting off my clothes at the hospital, I told them, “put me under, this hurts.”

I never think about this experience as a bad one. It’s unclear what kind of person would be inhabiting this body of mine if I hadn’t gotten these scars. I had to learn to write with my left hand, to go outside without being afraid, to stop thinking that revenge will fall upon me, to set free those who wanted to leave. I saw the infinite devotion of my family and felt the full force of their love. I was lucky to witness friends and friends of friends offer their help, to see strangers give blood and bring money and medicine to the hospital. To see drugs flown over from Germany, to watch nurses from intensive care stay up for days at a time. Right before my eyes, hundreds of different people suddenly plunged into cooperation amongst themselves. All to save the life of one ordinary girl..."

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Today she is the co-founder of Nimb, which launches its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in a few minutes. 



Nimb is a ring with a panic button that allows you to send an emergency alert to preset contacts from the mobile app with just the touch of a thumb.



Emergencies can be scary, but Nimb provides vibration feedback to let you know that a message has gone out and help is on the way. Whether you’re caught in a natural disaster, experiencing a health issue or in a personal attack situation, Nimb is there to keep you safe and sound when you need it most.





Nimb will track your location in real-time and the response team will always know exactly where you are. Consider yourself and loved ones safe with Nimb, even when no one seems to be close by.




When you use the Nimb mobile app, you’re free to choose and set up your safety circles however you like. You can set it up to alert only the police, just your best friend, your entire family or people nearby — the power is in your hands.




Nimb helps to create a safer environment for yourself and those around you, from caregivers to natural disasters and health scares.

It can wash your parental anxiety away — you will always know if your kids are alright. It will bring more warmth and calmness to your relationships with senior relatives — they can be sure you have their back.


Have a younger daughter or a sibling in college? You can both wear Nimb and know that you’ll never miss an alert from them. Whether you’re at the movies, napping or out for dinner, as long as you both have Nimb on your hands and an alert is out, your Nimb will vibrate to let you know that she or he needs help.


Doing extreme sports or like traveling? Nimb will become your most trusted companion. It works everywhere in the world and will help you to explore new places or limits while feeling safe and secure.




Nimb is very efficient in emergencies, but it’s cool, too. We played with colours and forms to come with simple and polished design that you would totally like, whatever style do you prefer: city chic, smart casual, luxury glam or health-gothic.




Nimb is beautiful and comfortable on the hand. The future shines on its metal moldings, and matt surface — Stealth Black and Classic White — complements your sense of taste. The ring is available in US ring sizes 4-12, you can wear it on any of your fingers!


To get more information and a pre-order, click here ♥


Many thanks to NIMB team (especially to Katya Kermlin)  for collaboration and provided material.