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Novikov Summer Cooking Masterclass at Brent Eleigh Walled Garden

Last weekend, we have had a chance to participate in Novikov Summer Cooking Masterclass, which took place in the peaceful surroundings of Brent Eleigh Walled Garden. It is an incredibly beautiful and quiet place that is just perfect for this event.

Novikov Summer Cooking Masterclass

Our trip started from Mayfair with a true Italian hospitality.

“Orange or carrot juice?” – asked me beautiful Carmen. “Still water or sparkling? Hot coffee, fresh pastries… We are going to have a very delicious breakfast in Novikov style”.Novikov Summer Cooking Masterclass

The atmosphere was great by the kind of hospitality provided. People on a bus were happy, sun was shining and a perfect route with no traffic.

Well, how can we enjoy all this beauty without a glass of cold champagne? Si certo!Novikov Summer Cooking Masterclass

Afterwards, Sandie took us around for a tour in this glorious two-acre walled plot, where we could pick all the necessary fruits, fresh vegetables and herbs. Returning armed with all the ingredients, we were ready for our three hours cooking tutorial.
Novikov Summer Cooking Masterclass

Chefs from Italian restaurant shared some secrets on how to make celery & radishes pinzimonio, spaghetti Alla Chitarra with courgettes and pesto. Oh, and lamb scottadito, which was absolutely delicious.Novikov Summer Cooking MasterclassNovikov Summer Cooking MasterclassNovikov Summer Cooking Masterclass



Let’s see what other guests felt after this event?

I am so happy for being part of this Brent Eleigh Walled Garden Experience: it was one of those "magic moments" that only Novikov Team is able to deliver  in London...

I felt - at the same moment - both as a farmer with nice dirty hands and a star followed by a glamorous photographer!

It was perfect Saturday with Novikov Restaurant &Bar, indeed!

- Paolina Antognetti

Paolina Antognetti

I had the most fruitful countryside experiences that included glorious company, charming Novikov staff and exquisite organic vegetables, fruits... coupled with the magnificently skilful Novikov chef. Hospitality was wonderful and the feeling of the visit to the best friend's house could not leave me. 

The whole experience was unique, warm and heartfelt! The abundance of food, hospitality and charm, sunshine and smiles surrounded me fully. I would highly recommend it to everyone who is looking to experience the best of British countryside and to enjoy the best fresh organic food”.                                                                                          - Dr Mohammad Foroudi

Dr Mohammad Foroudi

I fully enjoyed our experience on Saturday with Novikov Restaurant & Bar at Brent Eleigh Walled Garden. The passion of the people around food, traditions and Novikov team was contagious.

Such a marvellous locations and day out! I highly recommend this masterclass who are looking for the great experience in London!

-Allesandro Minucci

Allesandro Minucci


I want to thank organizers of the master class from the Novikov restaurant, for such an excellent event! This was my first experience of attending event like this, where I've got a lot of impressions and met very interesting people!It was very nice when we had coffee and pastries in the morning, then on arrival at the farm, we were greeted with champagne, followed by a tour of the farm and a fabulous master class and lunch. 

                                                                                                           - Yulia


Novikov Summer Cooking MasterclassNovikov Summer Cooking MasterclassNovikov Summer Cooking Masterclass