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Silverstone 2017 Blancpain GT Series – Fast And Furious Randezvous With Ace Racer Sergey Afanasyev

Sergey Afanasyev - smart, fast and furious Russian racing driver, holder of honour "Master of sports of Russia". Born in Moscow, Sergey began his racing career in 2003 in the Formula RUS. In a few words he is a talented driver with enthusiasm and passion for racing.  

This month at Silverstone (the Blancpain GT Series), Sergey took part in the #8 Racing Team Lamborghini and we had a great chance to ask him professional and not only questions.

Sergey, how was the race in London?

Not seen before the euphoric car race began. The plans were nothing less then grand. But nevertheless the task bestowed was to grow, be dispersed and "to grow together" with a command and machine. After battles on the track - this is the only visible part of the iceberg. Work that takes place behind the scenes is the foundation of the result. Nevertheless, the foggy Albion was warmer than the native Moscow May 🙂 





What are the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation of the Blancpain GT series in Silverstone?

Considering my adequate experience of participation in other series, I can say with confidence that no other series can boast of such accessibility and entertainment. By accessibility, I understand the opportunity to be so close to cars, as well as the friendly spirit of teams and organizers, paving the opportunity to see the process from a close proximity and communicate with the pilots. About entertainment and talk is not worth it: a dense battle of almost 50 cars, the cost of which is limited only by the regulations (how much they can be improved), at great speeds! The spirit captures!


Do you have a favorite track?

Yes, all of them! I cannot choose at once! Interestingly, in the calendar this year, all tracks are included in this list. But I especially emphasize Monza, Imola, Spa, Macao and Singapore. Incredible emotions associated with the history or uniqueness of the events, captured  in my memory.

Do you allow yourself to show your professionalism among ordinary drivers?

In no case. The city is not a place for racing. We even organized an event earlier, which started a whole series of similar events. We, the pilots, on the contrary should approach from the other side. Learn and transfer knowledge. But it's even harder than just fighting on the track. After all, this is the responsibility for each student. In parallel, I am an instructor of the international AMG Driving Academy and I can say with confidence that there is nothing like the smile of a happy "ward" who is making progress and feels it.


Are you afraid of being in the city at the wheel?

Fear is a strange thing. Can be unpleasant and uncomfortable, but not scary. I was uncomfortable only in India, when I flew there related to work and traveled by car.

And how do you feel like a passenger?

I grab for all that is possible and press the pedals. I analyse what the driver is doing, but I do not climb with advice until I am asked.

What passion is there in life other than speed?

Any job that commands challenges is very engrossing. The more difficult the task, the more interesting and challenging it is. This eventually unfolds the reason behind ,why you are doing such tasks.


If not racing, what other kind of sport?

Mountain skiing, chess, badminton, different marathons, but still want to have time to enjoy acquiring new knowledge. I would love to have more time in a day to learn something different.



A robot or a person?


An apple or a strawberry?

Aaaa. Difficult choice. There is a platter of advantages. But, rather an apple.

Do you have apps in the phone that are associated with professional activities?

If about racing, then the best guide is my Mom. She knows where, what, when and how, even where to look for results.

Your profession is a movement, but how do you rest?

I rest when I have prepared everything for the task and thought out all the details, I start to implement it. Sometimes I sit at home and read a book. Sometimes I ride retro cars on weekends for personal reasons. However, the main holiday, is when my parents and I fly on vacations to distant lands, to study and explore something new and where there is no connection ...

Do you have a list of must-go places in London?

Well, Samarkand is the best place to eat. However, as I love to discover everything new, then you better recommend some trendy places:)

Thank U!